The Initiative

This private initiative was created as a response to the great need a group of caring people saw while travelling in the beautiful country of Rwanda.

Let me share a few details as to the structure of the endeavor.

A committee of geography professors from three different universities in Poland and two other members (a Pallotti missionary who has worked in Kibeho, Rwanda for the past 22 years and another clergyman, who heads the charitable organization “Ignis” in Poland) was organized with the goal of consolidating fundraising efforts and oversee the planning, hiring of architects/workers and execution of the project. The Parish of Kinoni is the entity coordinating the actual work, as directed by the committee.

Why build a kindergarten?

  • Since 2008, the Rwandan government has recommended that children start their education at the kindergarten level.
  • However, there are not enough resources in the community to support a kindergarten education.
  • There are currently no proper kindergarten facilities in Kinoni.
  • Children are therefore only able to start their education at the Grade 1 level.
  • Because of this late start, time that could be spent learning Grade 1 material must be used for teaching them kindergarten-level tasks.
  • These basic activities include dressing, basic hygiene and interpersonal skills.
  • By building this kindergarten, we hope to provide them with proper facilities to learn these skills according to the recommended timeline.
  • This will accelerate their education and allow them to access age-appropriate learning more quickly.
  • This kindergarten would also be able to provide these children with access to proper nutrition, medical care and supervision.
  • These are currently scarce resources for youth in Kinoni.
  • This project is also a valuable source of employment for Kinoni’s community members, both through hiring for construction and long-term teaching and maintenance positions.
  • Kinoni is primarily supported by the agricultural industry, which does not provide a large number of working opportunities.
  • This project would give the community a valuable economic boost.
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